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ill post more here but also bullshit XD

lørdag 10. januar 2015

Famous kiyoshi steals my banner *clap* *clap*

Back in the days when i was newb me and kiyoshi playd alot together etc he just disepeard idk why but now hes back and stole my fucking banner.....

He have also bragged about hes photoshop skills but i clearly see ha havent done this him self cause i made it ._. 
*clap* *clap* GJ KIYOSHI! hes blog bai -

søndag 12. oktober 2014

180sx missile?

I made a 180sx missile, its far from finished, needs a template to add scratches etc
enjoy the pics!

fredag 10. oktober 2014


stance s13
only outer work done, second color wheels and yeh :D pics speek for the selfs!

torsdag 18. september 2014

mandag 8. september 2014

S15 peeps!

after a little while im back to dis blugg heres my recent project!